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Synchronous Timing Belts - Classical, HTD, Long Length and Polychain

Powergrip stock a large inventory of Powerflex in HTD and Polychain pitches to provide Australian manufacturing with the highest quality product and service.

Powerflex classical synchronous POWERGRIP belt offers a maintenance-free and economical alternative to conventional

Classic Synchronous Belt


  • Trapezoid tooth form
  • Precisely formed and accurately spaced polychloroprene teeth ensure correct engagement with the pulley grooves
  • Fibreglass tensile cords
  • Nylon fabric cover protects the tooth surfaces
  • Available in standard pitches according to ISO 5296


  • Power trasnmission of up to 150kW and speeds of up to 10,000 rpm
  • Peripheral speed up to 80m/s
  • Postitive slip-proof engagement
  • Constant angular velocity
  • Efficiencies up to 99%
  • Low bearing laod because of freedom of high tension
  • Maintenance-free continuity of operation
  • Wide range of load capacities and speed ratios
  • Compact design
  • Economical operation
HTD 8M, 14M and 20M belts

The curvilinear POWERFLEX HTD tooth geometry eliminates stress concentration at tooth roots and allows higher power capacity and longer life .

POWERFLEX HTD 8M, 14M and 20M belts are used in high performance drives in the machine tool, paper and textile in dustries where durability and low maintenance are required.


  • Tensile member provides the required strength combined with excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation


  • Load capacities up to 1,000kW
  • No slippage. POWERFLEX HTD belt teeth mesh smoothly with pulley grooves, reducing speed variations
  • Economic operation. NO lubrcation needed, no need for adjustments due to stretch and wear.
  • High mechanical efficiency. The belt construction minimises heat buildup and, since friction is not required to transmit the belt, belt tensions are reduced.
Long Length Polyurethane Steel Cord Timing Belt
  • Robotics hoisting equipment
  • Automotive assembly systems
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Linear positioning
  • Vacuum conveyor belts
  • Packaging assembly systems


  • Steel cord parallel to belt edge
  • Chemical abrasion resistant polyurethane
  • High tension strength
  • High tooth stiffness
  • Presise timing and synchronisation
  • Welded endless
  • Anti/Non-anti static specifications
  • Approved by EOM's
  • Supplied with covers, foam, roughtop, Linatex, Nitrile, Neorpone Rubber, PVC, silicone, anti-static PU coating

For further information on sizes please see catalogue.icosynchronous timing belts.pdf

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