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Brammer Top-Link/ Brammer Twist 'a' link

The principle of Brammer v-drives offers the ideal medium for driving most types of industrial machinery. Not only are they are more silent , but centre distances between the pulleys are reduced and breakages caused by unnecessary loading of belts to prevent slip are avoided by the reduced tension necessary. The efficiency of the Brammer v-drives is well known, and is generally established at between 98% and 99%.

Flexibility- Able to bend around small pulleys without fatigue.
Efficiency- Wedging action stops slippage.
Adjustable- Links are detachable and interchangeable.
No Loose Pieces- Single complete unit.
Durability and fitted without dismantling machinery

Brammer Top-Link/ Brammer Twist ‘a’ link is well established throughout the world as the V-Belt that successfully overcomes many of the problems previously associated with standard V-belts. By utilizing a composite polyurethane and polyester material Brammer Top-Link/ Brammer Twist ‘a’ link ensures and extended operational life over rubber based V-Belts.
Ease of fitting, the elimination of routine maintenance and greatly reduced stockholding requirements have established Brammer Top-Link/ Brammer Twist ‘a’ link as the first choice by engineers in virtually all industrial and process applications.

Brammer Top-Link/ Brammer Twist 'a' link
  • Belts to any length
  • Reduced stock holding
  • Long service life
  • Simple to install
  • Perfect matched sets Longer life - in hostile environments
  • Faster Fitting - without dismantling
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Convenient Boxed Reels
  • Goes to any lengths - to minimize stockholding

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