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Transmission Belts

POWERGRIP conveyor and transmission belting are supplied throughout Australia and provide quality Australian produced, and imported, synthetic carcass belting, incorporating food grade PVC, polyurethane, solid polyester, nitrile rubber, felt, silicone, cotton and polyester covers. We offer design, specification, and installation of belting products, to suit a wide variety of conveying applications, including conveying poultry, confectionary, cheese, meat, fish, cereal, grains, cardboard, powders, bricks, tiles, timber cement and metal parts.

POWERGRIP also stock and supply power transmission nylon core belting from full roll stock, supplied, endless from our factory locations, or joined endless at our customers location around Australia consisting of neoprone, oil, abrasive resistant covers with nylon cores as the tention member, in various gauge thickness to suit the application for example: folder and glueing machines, printing machines, box making machines, textile mill drives, pump drives, press mill drives




POWERGRIP Industries

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